Water Financial Products

Veles is a financial products company specialising in water pricing, water financial products, plus water economic and financial methodologies. Veles has developed and patented the intellectual property for the first proprietary water index methodology.This is the first financial water derivative to be developed.

Additionally, Veles has developed intellectual property relating to water, water products, including the trading of water and water products.
The company specialises in the creation and development of bespoke financial water instruments, whose unique pricing formulae contribute to bring transparency and liquidity to the global water market.

Veles has a substantial knowledge base, conducts its own extensive research, and consults widely within the global water markets.

Veles has an exclusive, worldwide, evergreen fee sharing deal with Nasdaq on all water price instruments listed on Nasdaq, or any Nasdaq affiliated exchange.

Veles’ mission is to use its IP, knowledge base, and skills, to create further financial instruments in the global water markets.

Veles is proud to be contributing to the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index’s success. Including the recent listing of Water Futures based on NQH2O in December 2020 on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This is an important step with the aim to develop many water financial instruments in the US and the rest of the world.

Veles is currently designing a range of financial water products including Blue Bonds, Swaps and Options.