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Southern California Water Price Jumps 48% In 3 Weeks As Rainy Season Disappoints

Californians received a double dose of not so happy water news last month; cutbacks were made to water allocations and a key water price index surged higher. Drought fears are heightening due to low reservoir levels and below normal snowpack.

Global Ag Investing

A recently launched water futures market in California drew global attention, from Wall Street to the United Nations. While news of the market has brought both skepticism and speculation, much of the coverage has failed to address some fundamental questions: what actually is a water futures market? How does it work, and who are the players? And most importantly, what are the potential benefits and risks?

Ag Lender Perspective on Water Futures and Groundwater Trading

Water futures and groundwater trading was the central focus of the most recent meeting of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture. Several panelists and speakers weighed in on how a water trade system like that would impact farmers and ranchers.


Water markets in California can reduce the costs of drought

A just-launched commodity futures market for the state’s water provides a new tool for farmers, municipalities and other interested parties to ensure against water price shocks arising from drought-fueled shortages.

Global Ag Investing

Said Coogan, “Water is arguably our most precious commodity…” Yet, he “found it hard to believe that no one had quantified water prices and its value previously.” hus began his journey to bring transparency to the price of water and liquidity to investors and end users who will utilize the NQH2O product.

Investors can now trade water futures

Futures tied to the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index, which measures the volume-weighted average price of water, began trading under the ticker NQH2O on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Monday.


CME Group

CME Group to Launch First-Ever Water Futures Based on Nasdaq Veles California Water Index

Financial Times

US regulator welcomes water futures as tool to manage climate risk

CME, Nasdaq to Launch Water Futures Contract

Market will be first of its kind for world’s most crucial commodity, organizers say

Market Watch

Investors will be able to make wagers on the price of water later this year with the launch of futures contracts, which are expected to better balance supply and demand for the commodity and hedge price risks.

Hedging the risk of running dry

The new product, which is subject to regulatory approval, is intended to give agricultural, commercial, and municipal water users “greater transparency, price discovery, and risk transfer,” the exchange said in a release

Water futures set to join likes of gold and oil and trade on Wall Street for first time ever

Future contracts tied to the spot price of water are set to trade on Wall Street for the first time ever this week.

Water on Wall Street: Finally, humanity can bet on the future price of water

This means farmers, investors and municipalities would hedge against or bet on the future price of water, a resource that is fast becoming scarce in the world.


Nasdaq partnered with VelesWater, a London-based company, and West Water Research based in Boise, Idaho, to create the index.

Water markets critical to managing scarcity

In September, CME Group Inc vowed to create a new market to help with the risk of these price swings. Last month, the first contract connected to the future price of California’s $1.1 billion water market was inked.