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Margining of Water Futures Updated.

Please find our latest updated ‘Margining of Water Futures Made Easy’ attached above.


We hope this helps making this complex subject easier to understand. 

Water Futures Made Easy

Water futures present a unique, cost-effective means to manage water price risk. One can use futures to hedge against price changes in the water market, which may otherwise have significant financial impact to a water user’s bottom line. This article will lay out the fundamental concepts involved in trading the contracts and lay the groundwork for successful risk hedging.

NQH2O Outperforming Water ETFs by 68.49% YTD

In 2020 the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index (NQH2O) was one of the top performing indexes globally and top performing asset class, finishing up the year at +116%.

Will There Be Another March Miracle? How will This Affect the Index Futures?

Another poor March for Precipitation in the Central Valley. Can a March Miracle bring some relief? 

The Outlook for California's Central Valley Looks Dry

Precipitation levels in the Central Valley currently sit well below the 20 year average for February.