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Biden announces funding to combat climate change, raises campaign money, during swing through California

On his first trip to California since announcing his reelection campaign, President Biden on Monday announced $600 million in federal funding to fight the effects of climate change after touring a Northern California nature reserve with Gov. Gavin Newsom.

As the Colorado River Declines, Water Scarcity and the Hunt for New Sources Drive up Rates

Across the Southwest, water users are preparing for a future with a lot less water as the region looks to confront steep cuts from the Colorado River and states are forced to limit use to save the river. Farms are being paid to not farm. Cities are looking to be more efficient and find new water supplies. And prices are starting to go up.

Digital Technologies Key to Addressing Global Water Challenges

There is a convergence of trends taking place that provide an opportunity to address the world's most urgent water challenges. The most significant of those is the increasingly rapid adoption of digital technologies.

Here is the first step to a sustainable water policy

Water that is promised in a contract but can’t be delivered is called “paper water” – shorthand for water that does not exist except in legal documents. During its mid-20th century frenzy of dam and canal construction, California allocated much more water than it actually had. These paper water commitments far exceed the amount of water than is available in our reservoirs and rivers. According to a study from the University of California, Davis, “appropriative water rights filed for consumptive uses are approximately five times greater than estimated surface water withdrawals.” What this restrained academic language reveals is a management crisis: no matter how much it rains and snows in California, we will always have a chronic water shortage because of overallocation.

New study improves understanding of Southern California's intense winter rains

New research looks to improve prediction of brief but intense rainstorms that can cause devastating flash floods and landslides. The storms, called narrow cold-frontal rainbands, are long strips of rain that can stretch for tens to hundreds of kilometers in length but are only a few kilometers wide. They form along many of the world's coasts, including both coasts of the U.S.

Why the Hot New Shade for Green Bonds Could Be Blue

Few places in the world have greater need for financing to fund water projects and protect the oceans than the Indo-Pacific region, with its vast coastlines and countless islands, many at risk from rising sea levels due to climate change. Enter so-called blue bonds -- similar to wildly popular green bonds but focused on such challenges as sustainable fishing and reducing plastic waste.

Southern California Water Price Jumps 48% In 3 Weeks As Rainy Season Disappoints

Californians received a double dose of not so happy water news last month; cutbacks were made to water allocations and a key water price index surged higher. Drought fears are heightening due to low reservoir levels and below normal snowpack.

The Importance of Water to the U.S. Economy

Water is essential to life, making its total economic value immeasurable. At the same time water is a finite resource, and one for which competition is likely to increase as the U.S. economy grows

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure Report

At a national level, a one-day disruption in water service can lead to a loss of $43.5 billion in sales and $22.5 billion in GDP.

The new oil: how investors can keep water flowing

The new oil: how investors can keep water flowing. A growing population and climate change puts pressure on mankind’s essential resource

Water set to become more valuable than oil

Water set to become more valuable than oil as rising demand from people, industries and agriculture puts pressure on supplies.

Value of Water: EPA Studies Importance of Water to U.S. Economy

Water is vital to a productive and growing economy in the U.S., directly and indirectly affecting the production of goods and services. For most consumers, water costs less than a penny per gallon at the tap, and buried infrastructure is out of sight and mind as long as the water is flowing.

The Economic Value of Water in United States’ Metropolitan Statistical Areas

California’s large metropolitan regions, especially the San Francisco-Oakland-Silicon Valley Bay Area, generate more economic value per unit of freshwater consumed than other regions in the United States.

Trading the Economic Value of Unsatisfied Municipal Water Demand

Modelling and optimization techniques for water resources allocation are proposed to identify the economic value of the unsatisfied municipal water demand against demands emerging from other sectors.

Determining payments for watershed services by hydro-economic modeling for optimal water allocation

Ever growing demand for agricultural and municipal water, caused by population growth and the need to feed the world, as well as increasing stress over waterbodies crave for efficient and sustainable water management.

Circle of Blue

In the mountains east of the Cape Town, South Africa, just beyond the curving road up Sir Lowry’s Pass, workers manoeuvre heavy machinery to stab at the ground near Steenbras Dam, drilling deeply with steel pipes to bring forth water.